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PT Paperocks Indonesia

PT Paperocks Indonesia

Welcome to PT Paperocks Indonesia. We are a company that established since 1999 engaged in industrial paper packaging, Cup Ice Cream, Paper Bowl, Stirer, Food Box, Bag. We were in Cibubur Times Square Blok C1 No.10 Jl Alternatif cibubur (Transyogi), Bekasi, Jawa Barat. Discover the variety of our best products (Paper Cup, Paper Packaging, Paper Bag, Paper Box, Burger Wrap, Lunch Box) with quality and the best price you can get.



Sell ​​Glass Cup Paper and Paper Bowl
In this modern era, many people want to be practical and instant because there are so many companies that sell fast food and provide services quickly. for that matter we PT. Paperocks Indonesia sells a variety of equipment for you. PT. Paperocks Indonesia Sell Paper Cup Glass, made of paper coated with wax or plastic. Although the paper is very light, the coating makes the Paper Cup Glass rather heavy. The weight of the Glass Cup Paper, therefore, depends on the thickness and weight of the coating being applied. That also depends on the value of the paper used. There is no standard weight for the Glass Cup Paper. In addition to selling paper cup cups, we also sell paper bowls.

Selling Complete Glass Cup Paper
PT. Paperocks Indonesia sells Paper Cup Glasses which can be used for cod cups, hot cups, ice cream cups, soup cups, and others. Paper Cup Glass PT. Paperocks Indonesia has various types of sizes such as the following sizes:

Selling the Smallest Glass Cup Paper
Paper Cup Glasses The smallest of them all. Usually used for espresso shots and taster pots.
Volume: 114ml (approx.)
Upper Diameter: 60mm
Bottom Diameter: 45mm
Height: 58mm

Selling Glass Cup Paper for Event
Paper Cup Glass is famously popular for events, festivals and exhibitions.
Volume: 227ml (approx.)
Upper Diameter: 77mm
Bottom Diameter: 54mm
Height: 92mm

Sell ​​Standard Glass Cup Paper
This Paper Cup Glass is standard size.
Volume: 341ml (approx.)
Upper Diameter: 83mm
Bottom Diameter: 58mm
Height: 112mm

Sell ​​Medium Size Glass Cup Paper
This Glass Cup Paper will be your (medium) at Starbucks. Perfect for when you want your drink to last longer. This is the second most popular size for hot drinks.
Volume: 455ml (approx.)
Upper Diameter: 85mm
Bottom Diameter: 58mm
Height: 132mm

Selling Large Size Glass Cup Paper
This Glass Cup Paper will be your (big) at Starbucks, and share the same volume as a standard British pint glass. Paper Cups This size glass will make a perfect replacement for pint glass to reduce dangerous incidents.
Volume: 568ml (approx.)
Upper Diameter: 88mm
Bottom Diameter: 62mm
Height: 152mm



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